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Cover photo for The Wild World of Broccoli

The Wild World of Broccoli

Summer has past and the cold chill of winter is already at our doors. Many of us have hung …

cows eating grass

December Cattle Management

SPRING-CALVING HERD Begin Winter Feeding. Divide the herd into groups for winter feeding, which may include: Weaned calves First and second-calf heifers and …

Cover photo for Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

As a person who has spent much of the first half of my life being a kid, and most …

Cover photo for Soybeans


The United States is one of the largest producers of food crops in the world. We have a wealth …

Cover photo for November Cattle Management

November Cattle Management

SPRING-CALVING HERD Plan your winter feeding program. Obtain cow and calf weights and see your county Extension agent for information on …

Cover photo for Piedmont Farm School Training Offered

Piedmont Farm School Training Offered

The Piedmont Farm School is an 8-month educational program that trains beginning and transitioning famers with a strong commitment …

Cover photo for Hay is For…

Hay is For…

As the saying goes, “hay is for horses.” There is a wealth of truth in that statement. Just as …

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Figure 1. Great Spangled Fritillary

Butterflies in Your Backyard

You can attract the many butterflies found throughout North Carolina to your backyard by following …

20 hours agoUrban Wildlife

Choosing a Pump for Rainwater Harvesting

A pump for the cistern or tank of a water-harvesting system can increase the system's …

1 week agoUrban Waterways

Protecting Water Supply Springs

This factsheet provides information on spring development, protection and disinfection, and water testing.

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction, and Maintenance

This guide provides a review of recent bioretention research and its impact on design, construction, …

1 week agoUrban Waterways
drawing of the tick life stages

Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

This publication will help you identify the several species of ticks found in North Carolina …

When the Power Is Out - When to Save Refrigerated Food and When to Throw It Out

This factsheet offers information on which refrigerated foods to discard when the power is out …

10/10/18Disaster Recovery

Water Quality for Golf Course Superintendents and Professional Turf Managers

Follow the suggestions and BMPs described in this publication to reduce sediment and keep nutrients …

Water Quality and Professional Turfgrass Managers

Although groundwater and surface waters are rarely polluted by turfgrass pesticides, turf managers should consider …