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Cover photo for Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Hayfield Conference

Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Hayfield Conference

Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Hayfield Conference, August 23, 2018 WHERE: Harnett County Commons Area, 309 W. Harnett Cornelius Blvd. Lillington, NC 27546 WHEN: August …

Cover photo for Winter Management of Beef Cattle

Winter Management of Beef Cattle

By: Jonathan Black, Randolph County Livestock/Field Crops Extension Agent Greetings! I am the new livestock and field crops extension agent …

Rainy Day Equine Issues

We certainly have had a lot of much needed rain lately. According to reports from the National Weather Service, …

Cattle Fly Control

Adam G. Ross, Randolph County Livestock Agent Adapted from “A Thousand Points of Flies” by Holly Ferguson, Ph.D Washington State …

Horse Pasture Management

Barbara Linder, FCS/Ag-Equine/4-H Agent Spring has sprung. Many of you may have noticed how lush and beautiful your pastures are …

Simplifying Genetics

by Adam G. Ross, Randolph County Cooperative Extension, Livestock & Field Crops Agent In past articles, I have given …

...And Horses Too!

……And Horses Too! by Barbara Linder, Extension Agent, Ag/FCS/4-H Hello Randolph County! My name is Barbara Linder and I am the …

Simplifying Genetics

Adam G. Ross, Randolph County Cooperative Extension, Livestock & Field Crops Agent When the weather starts cooling, it doesn’t …

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Recent Publications related to Animal Agriculture

Herd Animal Death Problems

Animal necropsies attempt to determine the cause of death and whether it affects a concern …

2 weeks agoAnimal Science Facts

Nitrogen Fertilization of Switchgrass and Gamagrass: Dry Matter Yield and Nutritive Value

This bulletin publishes the results of two experiments—one with switchgrass and one with gamagrass—that address …

2 weeks ago
Graphic showing factors that affect animal performance and indic

Forage Quality Indices for Selecting Hay

This publication provides an overview of the differences in forage quality by reviewing a summary …

Figure 1. Horse fly.

Horse Flies and Deer Flies

This Entomology Insect Note discusses identifying horse and deer flies and how to control them.

Commercial Emu Production

This publication discusses commercial emu production. Topics covered include getting started with an emu business, …


Phosphorus Management for Land Application of Biosolids and Animal Waste

This publication addresses nutrient management concerns as they relate to land application of animal wastes, …


Nitrate Management in Beef Cattle Production Systems

This publication describes how to avoid high nitrate in forages, and how to manage high …


Warm-Season Perennial Forages Conserved as Hay: Nutritive Value and Quality

This bulletin brings together 18 independent experiments that address aspects of nutritive value and quality …