Randolph County 4-H 5th Grade Gardening Kits

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gardening kit

Randolph County 4-H provided gardening kits to all 1,232 5th grade students and teachers in the Randolph County School System. Kits were distributed to students on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, when parents picked up their child’s latest instructional packet. Thank you to everyone who helped Allison and Jody take on the task and get the kits assembled and delivered within a week! Specifically Kenny Sherin and family for re-packing all of the soil into quart bags, Patty Sullivan from Partnership For Children and Susan Thompson from Randolph County Farm Bureau for helping pack the kits, Frank Thompson from Southern States of Asheboro for donating supplies and helping us get the 2000+ Peat Pots, and NC Farm To School Coalition/CEFS for the mini-grant to help with funding this project.

Allison has created videos on unpacking the kit and planting the contents of the kits for the 5th graders to watch. These videos are available on the Randolph County 4-H YouTube Channel.

If you are a parent of a 5th grader, please complete the form to let us know that you received your kit. If you have any questions about the gardening kit or how to plant the contents, please contact Allison Walker at allison_walker@ncsu.edu.

We are so happy to be able to provide this opportunity to the 5th Graders in the Randolph County School System and Happy Gardening!