Local Food List Now Available

Posted On April 29, 2020— Written By

Fresh strawberries in farmers market containersThis list of local food sources is being put together by Cooperative Extension offices across the state. The lists below have Randolph County sources first, counties bordering Randolph next, and the remaining state’s counties in alphabetical order.

It’s best to check for the products you need and read the entire row for specific information. For instance, if you’re planning a road trip to a source (to U-Pick or shop the market), contact them or check their social media (if available) to verify inventory and selection.

Note that several producers offer online purchases and shipping, regardless of where you live in the state or how far away you are from their primary location.

The list will continue to grow, and an update will be posted each week. There are three versions:

  • PDF – (updated through 5/1) added to download for viewing or printing.
  • Word (4/28) and
  • Excel (4/28) files – to download for further editing or sorting before saving and printing.

Please contact our office with questions or if you’re a producer and would like your information added.