Jonas Asbill Joins Poultry Extension

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Jonas Asbill in a field with goatsN.C. Cooperative Extension, Randolph County Center will be the home base for Jonas Asbill, joining Cooperative Extension as the new Area Specialized Agent (ASA) for poultry. Jonas is a North Carolina native and NC State University alum. His family has been in the state for generations and lives with his family on the same tract of land his grandparents farmed.

Jonas is passionate about serving his community and in an industry that helps provide safe, affordable protein to families at home and abroad. He also appreciates the opportunity to work with a variety of poultry lovers and producers, regardless of size and fancies or finances.

Jonas has nearly 15 years of industry experience, working as a hatchery employee, Broiler Flock Supervisor, New Housing Coordinator, Broiler Service Manager and Growout Manager. He also has 3 years of experience as a contract broiler grower. In his ASA position, Jonas will work with poultry enthusiasts and producers in 20 counties and can be reached at 336.318.6002 or by email.