Selenium Deficiency in Livestock

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Unfortunately, most of the soils across the state are deficient in selenium therefore, this mineral needs to be supplemented.

The easiest way to supplement all minerals that may be deficient is by having a free choice loose mineral available to your livestock all year round. Minerals are an added cost and will add some expense on your operation, but it is worth every penny and the benefits out weight the cost.

is an important mineral that has a key role in the reproductive and endocrine system. One cause of selenium deficiency is a condition called white muscle disease in newborn offspring and can lead to death if not treated. It can also cause calves to be weaker at birth, increasing their chances of catching diseases like scours.

In pregnant animals that are low in selenium, you might notice higher instances of retained placentas and lower reproductive performance.

Remember to use a pre-mix mineral when supplementing any mineral. Some minerals can be toxic or have negative effects when animals obtain more minerals than they need.

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