2019 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit Banquet

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The 2019 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit concluded on November 15, 2019, with a banquet dinner in Robeson County at the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Robeson County office. The 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit involves 4-H youth ages five through eighteen from twelve counties. There are four age divisions. Cloverbuds are ages 5-7 and are non-competitive. Juniors are ages 8-10. Intermediate are ages 11-13. Seniors are ages 14-18. Livestock species shown on the circuit are beef cattle, meat goats, and sheep. For showmanship classes, each youth is judged on how well they display their animal such as overall handling, setting up their feet to highlight positive areas of their animal, maintaining eye contact with the judge as well as answering questions related to the breed characteristics, anatomy and the care of their animal. For type classes, the animal is judged based on ideal breed characteristics. Showing livestock promotes life skills such as responsibility, time management, self-confidence, sportsmanship, financial responsibility, honesty, integrity and more. The counties in the circuit are Randolph, Guilford, Chatham, Stanly, Montgomery, Moore, Cumberland, Richmond, Lee, Anson, Union, and Robeson. Carolina Farm Credit and Cape Fear Farm Credit make this circuit possible through their generous sponsorship.

101 4-H Youth participated in the 2019 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit. 23 youth were from Randolph County.

Below is a list of youth recognized at the event:

Goat Showmen
Cloverbuds (5-7-year-olds)
From Guilford County
Bentley Baker
Branson Carter
Brylin Parks
Caroline Parks
Catherine Wassinger
Willow Kiser
From Richmond County
Ella Shelley
Rhett Shelley
From Randolph County
Skylar Singleterry

Junior Goat Showmen (8-10 years old)
1-Katelyn Hewitt
2-Caroline Smith
3-Josey Pulaski
4-Brayana McGhee
5-Ella Harmon

Intermediate Goat Showmen (11-13 years old)
1-Hattie Jo Powell
2-Savannah Shepard
3-Alby Pulaski
4-Laura Jessup
5-Caroline Scarlett

Senior Goat Showmen (14-18 years old)
1-Paison Cain
2-Fallon Cain
3-Nikki Miller
4-Rylee Schofield
5-DeLani Reep

Heifer Showmen
Cloverbuds (5-7-year-olds)
Anson County
EB Carpenter
Chatham County
Heidi Spainhour
Stanly County
Lane Helms

Junior Heifer Showmen (8-10-year-olds)
1-Jonathon Scarlett
2-Maddie Carpenter
3-Ally Helms

Intermediate Heifer Showmen (11-13-year-olds)
1-Caroline Scarlett
2-Lynlee Martin
3-Madison Boles
4-Matthew Boles
5-Hailey Edwards

Senior Heifer Showmen (14-18)
1-Lindsay Seitz
2-Hayden Allen
3-Thomas Smith
4-Katelyn Batchelor
5-Hunter Batchelor

Lamb Showmen
Cloverbuds (5-7)
Cumberland County
Alaina Oxendine
Guilford County
Caleb Dean

Junior Lamb Showmen (8-10)
1-Brayana McGhee
2-Fortina Cruz-Castillo

Intermediate Lamb Showmen (11-13)
1-Addison Farris
2-Laura Jessup
3-Eloisa Cruz
4-Susanna Dean
4-Lydia Dean

Senior Lamb Showmen (14-18)
1-Noah Beeson
2-McKenzie Beeson
3-Katherine Eastep

Most Improved Showmen
Goats-Paison Cain
Heifer-Lindsay Seitz
Lamb-McKenzie Beeson

Thank you to all of the youth, parents, 4-H Extension agents, Livestock Extension agents, and volunteers who made the shows and took part this year. Another big thank you to our sponsors-Cape Fear Farm Credit and Farm Credit Carolina who made it all possible.

For more information on how to get involved in next year’s 4-H Farm Credit Showmanship Circuit, please contact Circuit Coordinator, Allison Walker, at (336) 467-2927 or email allison_walker@ncsu.edu.

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