Sugarcane Aphids in Randolph County

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Sugarcane Aphid

Sugarcane Aphids have moved into N.C. in the past several years and have recently made their way into Randolph County. A pest of several crops, including Sorghum, Johnson grass, and Sugarcane, these sap sucking insects will seemingly infest a field overnight.

Scouting for this pest can be done fairly easily. The honeydew secreted by the aphids will leave a glazed, wet look to the leaves where they are present. This sugary waste attracts flies, bees, and any other creature looking for a quick sweet treat. These warning signs are usually visible from a distance and should be investigated more closely by checking the underside of the suspected plant’s leaves near the bottom of the plant. Start looking for this pest in mid-July, especially following an insecticide application.

Luckily, we are not the first to encounter this emerging pest, which has allowed control measures to be in development even before the aphids arrived to N.C. Resistant varieties of Sorghum are available for this pest as well as several chemical control options as seen in the link below.

Emergency Section 18 Approved for Transform to Control Sugarcane Aphid in NC Sorghum During 2019

For a treatment threshold in Sorghum visit the link directly below.

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