Winter Preparations for the Sheep and Goat Producer

— Written By Sara Beth Routh and last updated by

Winter is right around the corner and to ensure you are prepared here are a few tips to remember:

  • During cooler months when water temperatures have decreased, changing water regularly to remove ice formation or the use of water heaters will help to ensure animals are drinking enough water.
  • If you use heat lamps, make sure they are secure and never hang them too closely to bedding material or too low where animals can knock them over or chew on the cord. Heat lamps result in many barn fires each year.
  • Hay and forage consumption will increase during winter months. Making sure you are providing quality hay and forage for your sheep and goats will aid in an active and healthy rumen.
  • Make sure shelters will protect your animals from the weather conditions while providing adequate ventilation. Ventilation is essential to help reduce the chances of respiratory problems.
  • If you are preparing for lambing or kidding season keep an eye out for the next post that will provide you with some useful tips to remember for the upcoming season.

If you have any questions about the care of your sheep or goats during the winter months, please call me, your local Extension Agent, Sara Beth Routh at 336-318-6004 for further help and information.