4-H Self Confidence and Attitude

— Written By Barbara Swanson

While I was watching New Year football, I decided to listen to the play by play, to identify a nugget or two, that may help me put into perspective, some of the values, we can employ in 2015. The first word that resonated with me was CONFIDENCE! The second word that struck me was ATTITUDE! The more I thought about the two words, I realized how connected they really are! Attitude and confidence together can be powerful and impactful. A poor attitude can zap self-confidence in a heartbeat!

Our 4-H program will help not only youth, but adults too, build self-confidence and skills. When club meetings are held, club officers lead the meetings, make decisions, develop plans of action, and evaluate their work throughout the year! All of these actions take great self-confidence. Adult 4-H volunteer leaders, and parents together supporting the action plans, providing transportation to the club meetings, and encouraging all projects also elevates a 4-H members self-confidence.

The attitude that is held or carried out during a 4-H club meeting, event or activity, is also important. A positive, caring attitude can go a long way in helping youth to develop potential and skill in their project work. Attitudes are “catching”! When someone has a thoughtful, helpful attitude, others feel accepted and a sense of belonging. When a 4-H member has a poor attitude, or an attitude of elitism, others can feel excluded or lacking, you know, not good enough.

In 4-H, we work hard to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. And because we are all human, at times we need to have help in learning to be humble and accepting of others who may not be exactly like us, or have the same skills, we THINK we have. It takes the coaching by our club leaders to help young people shore up their skills in ways that are inclusive and caring rather than boastful and exclusive.

So in the New Year, we all have work to do, including myself. How will I accept the challenges that come with a brand new year? How will I work to include more people in the 4-H program? How will I work to answer the call of people looking to organize new 4-H clubs in the county? How will I support the many clubs that are already established? I shall do so with the proper helping attitude and all the self-confidence I can muster.

Would you like to work alongside 4-H this year? Our 4-H motto, “to make the best better” will be amplified with you in our ranks. If your desire is to make a difference in 2015, I assure you, 4-H is a great place to begin. Give us a call at: Liberty 218-4000; Archdale / Trinity, 819-3000, and Asheboro, 318-6000. 4­H is open to girls and boys ages 5­19 without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability. 4-H is a United Way Agency.Join4H