Randolph County 4-H Celebrates National 4-H Week

— Written By Barbara Swanson

It is the first week of October and that can only mean one thing; it is National 4-H Week. A week set aside to celebrate the goodness that is 4-H! We have a one hundred year history of helping youth develop skills in citizenship, community service, decision making, managing resources, leadership and so very much more.

Here in Randolph County, the County Commissioners signed a proclamation celebrating the week and recognizing the important role 4-H plays in the lives of many youth and families locally. 4-H strengthens the fabric of our community by providing opportunities for fellowship, service and lifelong learning.

Have you been a 4-H member? If so, I am sure you have stories of the fun you had! 4-H is fun, but lots of people will relate stories of hard work too. Preparing animals for show, getting project record books completed, memorizing an educational presentation to name a few. The hard work that is put forth is usually repaid through recognition of some kind, if not now, down the road.

Many life lessons are hard to see in the moment, but are clearly apparent as we age and have some perspective. Try telling that to a child who is not really sure why they should try to raise poultry for the first time. Tell that to an eight year old who is learning to sit still at a 4-H club meeting. Tell that to a parent who wonders, what’s in 4-H for my family?

What’s in 4-H, is a set of adult volunteers who are invested in providing a safe, secure, educational environment for your child to learn. 4-H families will find a place where a code of conduct is upheld so that behavior is monitored and so that youth are held accountable for their actions.

4-H is a place where lifelong learning is a value, and adults and youth learn together. Where youth can be the experts and share their learning with other 4-H club members, through demonstrations, through project records and through show experiences. We provide a variety of ways youth can learn and engage in  4-H.

Did you know that 4-H is connected to the land-grant college in each state? Our connection to North Carolina A&T State University and NCSU allow us to leverage the resources of those college campuses! We attend State 4-H Congress yearly on the campus in Raleigh and have been guests of A&T in Greensboro for our District Activity Day competition. 4-H really is the front door to higher learning for many youth and families, why not join us during National 4-H Week, and make 4-H a part of your family experience. Give us a call at: Liberty 218-4000; Archdale / Trinity, 819-3000, and Asheboro, 318-6000. 4­H is open to girls and boys ages 5­19 without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability. 4-H is a United Way Agency.