Intentional After-School Activities

— Written By Barbara Swanson

The afterschool hours have the potential to be the most creative, exciting and interactive time of day for school youth who are supervised by caring adults! Teachers who work with youth afterschool and who are committed to helping youth have a safe place to spend their out of school hours are a prized commodity. Randolph County  4-H can be a partner in the out of school hours. We have provided training in curriculum and youth development for afterschool teachers for many years!

We take a very intentional approach to provider training. We work alongside the Division of Child Development here in North Carolina. We submit our training plan on a yearly basis and then wait for confirmation and approval from the department to be able to offer continuing hours of credit for all providers who need professional development training hours.

By working intentionally, we can facilitate learning in ways that will enhance a child’s experience with our program. 4-H offers curriculum in a variety of subjects including: aerospace, electricity, photography, food and nutrition, communications, healthy living, robotics, woodworking, animal science, and so very much more.

When youth have an opportunity to explore these subjects during out of school time, they can build competence and even discover a potential career path! School age care providers can access our 4-H curriculum and use it with small groups of youth or individuals at a pace that is comfortable for all participants. The goal is to facilitate activities using various types of approaches in a meaningful, authentic manner to enhance the overall learning, recreational, and social experiences for youth in the afterschool setting.

4-H uses a “Hands On” approach to teaching and learning, and these are the same concepts being suggested as best practice in our classrooms. In addition to the afterschool approach, 4-H is also very applicable inside the school setting. Our 4-H curriculum is aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards. Some of the topics we offer include: science, agriculture, literacy, financial management, service learning, citizenship and leadership, aerospace, environment and so much more.

If you should like to learn more about how to interact with 4-H, give us a call at: Liberty 218-4000; Archdale / Trinity, 819-3000, and Asheboro, 318-6000. 4­H is open to girls and boys ages 5 –
­19 without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability. 4-H is a United Way Agency.