Volunteers Say Yes!

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One of the best things about our work here at the Extension Office is the great people we work with every day. On Tuesday, August 12 we celebrated our wonderful volunteers at a dinner at Tot Hill Farm. You know I am never at a loss for words. These are just a few thoughts about the people that say yes to us everyday:

Because you said yes a child learned to sew and that child also learned that handmade is harder and time consuming and one of a kind and worthwhile.

Because you said yes the green space in front of our office is a living, working piece of art. We may get bragging rights but you deserve the credit.

Because you said yes I was able to count heads and fill out paper work while a child counted on you to hold their hand when they were meeting a brand new group of friends. You calmed the nerves and said all the right things.

Because you said yes we have the reputation for having some of the finest meals at our events bar none. Good food feeds the soul.

Because you said yes lots of children learned that milk doesn’t really come from a carton. Your farm is not a country and western movie set, it is an important and necessary part of our world just like you.

Because you said yes fidget aprons magically appear to soothe the minds and occupy the hands of those whose capabilities have changed. The impact of giving to those who have lost so much is immeasurable.

Because you said yes numerous young people across the county learned how to plant in the soil. The plant grows up while the roots grow down much like all of us with all of the same mysterious wonder and hard work.

Because you said yes community members with the desire to learn were able to learn more about farming at the perfect place, your backyard.

Because you said yes 4th graders learned to ride bikes safely. But we all know it was more than a kid on a bike, it was confidence and determination and trust and patience sitting on that seat as you walked beside them.

Because you said yes soft, plump little handmade bears with as much character as each of you are given to children with extra special needs. This is how humanity gets its name you know. People sharing of themselves what they have with people they don’t even know.

You are more than numbers we count in reports, you are more than names on a master list to call when we’re in a pickle and you are much more than the sum of the hours that you so kindly share with all of us.

You share and you smile and you give us your best and we take you for granted. You are undervalued and overqualified. You up the anty for the programs we develop together and you down play all the behind the scenes efforts that you’ve made. For all of these things and so much more we thank you volunteers – you are the best of all that we do.

For more information about 4-H, give us a call at: Liberty 218-4000; Archdale / Trinity, 819-3000, and Asheboro, 318-6000. 4-H is open to girls and boys ages 5-19 without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability.

4-H is a United Way Agency.