Take Out the Fat, Not the Flavor

— Written By Barbara Linder and last updated by Dawn Stone

Baked goods are fun to make and even more satisfying to eat. Whether savory or sweet, the smell of cakes or cookies baking in an oven can make any house feel like home. However, the culprit that lies among all baked goods that is detrimental to healthy living is excess fat. By replacing fats with fruit purees, you are adding moisture and nature sweetness to your baked goods, and can feel “good” about the final dish when you enjoy it with family and friends.

fruitpuree Fruit purees are an excellent replacement for fats in baked goods. Choosing the right fruit puree for your recipe can have an impact on the flavor and density of the baked good. Try these fruit puree suggestions:

  • Unsweetened applesauce – Works well in gingerbread, white cakes, chocolate cakes, and most other baked goods
  • Apple butter – Works well in spice cakes, bran muffins
  • Prune puree or prune butter – Works well in chocolate based recipes
  • Pureed peaches – Work well in muffins, spice cakes
  • Pureed pears and bananas – Work well in quick breads and coffee cakes

Important tip:  When you first begin making substitutions, start by replacing half the fat with the pureed replacer. Each time, add a bit more in place of the fat. Making a drastic substitution without practice could yield a less than acceptable product. It is important to keep the proportions equal. If you are going to use half butter, use half fruit puree and so forth.

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