Pesticide Container Recycling Sites

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

We are pleased to announce that there are now two pesticide container recycling bins located in Randolph County. One is located at the Farmer Convenience Site and the other at the Liberty Convenience Site. Both may be accessed during the regular operating times of the convenience site. A special form and inspection will need to be completed with the guard on duty at the site before actually dropping off your pesticide containers. Please note that a pesticide container-recycling bin is NO longer available at the Solid Waste facility off Henley Country Rd. All pesticide containers must be prepared properly including being pressure washed or triple rinsed in order to be accepted. Additional instructions are available from the Extension office on the signs posted at each convenience site:

FARMER CONVENIENCE SITE:  5488 NC Hwy 49S, Asheboro,  (336) 857-3002 (Closed Tues & Wed)

LIBERTY CONVENIENCE SITE:  428 W Brower Ave., Liberty, NC, (336) 622-1067 (Closed Tues & Wed)